About Us

Parkinsonawareness.eu.com focused on recovering Parkinson through unusual physical activity, that is focused on weight training for the purpose of building up muscle in a healthy and effective way. The suggested activities for these patients are not as hard as normal workout, but more on building a better and healthier body.

We have a variety of articles that focus on weight training and muscle development. Many of our topics cover effective strength training as well as resistance exercises and good nutrition. You’ll find how to eat properly for healthy muscles, effective methods of strength training and how to do resistance training. You’ll learn new trends in exercise as well. If you check back weekly, you’ll see that we’ve updated the articles with even more valuable information.

This blog was begun by our founders who noticed that there was a serious lack of information online regarding building up muscles and toning them. With so many fads in the world today, we wanted to focus on strength training and how to effectively build the body without trends and faulty methods. It can be challenging to do this effectively without harming the body. You’ll want to know which methods are harmful to your body and which ones work well. There are many new products on the market today and you’ll want to know which ones work and which ones don’t work. Our blog helps to fill the void for our customers who are seeking valid and vital information regarding building up their bodies in a safe manner. We seek to reach serious competitive athletes as well as professionals who are seeking to stay in shape. There is a huge misconception that weight lifting is only for males. Everyone can benefit from weight lifting exercises.

We have only experts in nutrition and exercise on our site and they are all passionate about weightlifting and exercise. You’ll learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle and stay in shape. Our diverse team is full of creative minded individuals who are seeking to help others with their vast amount of knowledge. If you’re seeking such information, we invite you to visit our blog today.