Which Weight Loss Supplements Should I Take to Reach My Fitness Goals?

When I first went serious about melting some extra pounds, I was almost 100% sure reaching my fitness goals will mainly depend on my dedication and commitment to work hard in the gym. Although I did reach some positive results due to those long hours on a treadmill, it soon became obvious that managing weight implies much more than just eating less and exercising 24/7.


After my first consultation with a fitness expert, it became clear my training program had to be augmented by proper nutrition including weight loss supplements. I started investigating and here’s what I found out.

How Do the Weight Loss Supplements Work?

Basically, most of the weight loss supplements work in one of the following mechanisms:

  • Reducing appetite
    If you just eat less, you’ll get stressed by the constant feeling of hunger. The weight loss pills make you feel more full which technically means less food but no stress.
  • Reducing absorption
    A great way to shed pounds and reach your fitness goals is to restrict nutrients like fat. A weight loss supplement will make your body simply reject the excess of it.
  • Increasing fat burning
    Along with physical activity, a fat burning supplement can trigger the natural processes in your body to speed up metabolism and make the process of dropping body fat more efficient.

pushWhey Protein

For years, health and fitness stores have been touting the benefits of this product containing up 90% of protein. While it has proved to be efficient for muscle growth, it also suppresses appetite that can eventually allow you losing weight too. Along with the highest protein digestibility, this supplement is a good source of glycomacropeptide that stimulates an intestinal hormone responsible for signaling satiety.

According to the research conducted by the University of Oklahoma, the exercising group of individuals who were given a whey nutrition supplement decreased their fat mass by 5,6% more than those who were exercising without the supplement.

vitsBeta Glucan

Lowering your cholesterol levels and controlling blood sugar is essential to losing fat and reaching your fitness goals. That’s why b-glucan is one of the weight loss supplements I have incorporated into my fitness diet. Its fiber is derived from algae, mushrooms, and yeasts and can force your liver to use cholesterol directly from your blood. Besides, it can slow down your digestion by wrapping itself around nutrients in your stomach. This results in longer food processing time and a slower release of sugar into your bloodstream.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

Found primarily in animal foods like cheese, beef, and butter (vegetarians and vegans can receive it from safflower oil), this omega 3 fatty acid is known to aid in reducing body fat. There are over a dozen of scientific studies proving that CLA can cause a 0,2 pounds weekly reduction in weight for up to 6 months. A dose of 3,2 grams of CLA per day has been scientifically proven to provide a modest loss in body weight.